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Baan Unrak Bakery, Bookstore, & Cafe

Kanchanaburi, Thailand



A delicious vegetarian cafe and bakery in town is one of the best restaurants in Sangkhlaburi outside of hotel and guest-houses. The bakery supports an orphanage outside of town and is run completely by locals and the support of international volunteers.

In addition to the bakery, the organization runs an internet cafe, used bookstore, and sells handicrafts made by the children and their local caregivers. The weaving center is a must-visit part of visiting the cafe in Sangkhlaburi.

What’s more, the bakery is not only a means to generating revenue; it is also one a way of providing work for some of the many Burmese people in the area who have fled their homeland to the Thai border area in search of work. It also functions as an occupational training center where some of our older children can gain valuable experience learning about the service industry.


Open for lunch and dinner.





T. Nongloo Sangkhlaburi Kanchanaburi 71240, Thailand

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