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Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

Sukhothai, Thailand



Boon Lott’s Sanctuary creates a safe and natural home for Thai elephants. Elephants interact freely on 600 acres of forested land, and tourists are very limited to protect the routine and wellbeing of the elephants.

The elephants are all rescued and retired, many from the tourism and logging industries. When you visit Boon Lott’s Sanctuary, expect no performances — just elephants loving life. A maximum of six guests ensures that tourism intrudes as little as possible into the daily routine of rescued elephants, who have all come from terrible trauma and years of abuse.

The organization’s homestay program allows visitors to live among the rescued and rehabilitated animals, and tourists may assist in the daily care of these animals and the facility. You will stay on the property and the 6000 baht per night fee covers pick up from Sukhothai, accommodation, and food, too. And for the elephant activities, these are seasonal but include: collecting elephant food from the jungle; maintaining herding areas; walking the elephants to grazing grounds; repairing elephant pens; scrubbing and washing the elephants; walking the elephants to swim in the river; shopping in local markets; bathing dogs; befriending village families; observing the elephants in their bathing pool; hiking with the mahouts to recover the elephants from release sites; planting trees and vegetation.

You must make reservations in advance.



(Outside the village of Baan Tuel) 304 Mu 5, Baan Na Ton Jan | Tambon Baan Tuek, Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai 64130, Thailand

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