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Cambio Language School

Antigua, Guatemala



Cambio is the Only Non-Profit Spanish School in Antigua. The school’s mission is simple: Offer the highest quality Spanish learning experience in Antigua Guatemala, and contribute to the development of the beautiful country that it calls home. All proceeds from the language school are donated directly to NGO NiƱos de Guatemala, which provides primary and middle school education disadvantaged and impoverished children.

By running a top-flight Spanish school that happens to be not-for-profit, Cambio learned to harness the best of both the business world and the nonprofit world. Since 2012 the school has offered a high-quality service for which there is a lot of demand. They call it profit-for-nonprofit, and they are excited to contribute to the social development of Guatemala. By sharing Spanish language and Guatemalan culture with tourists the NGO also raises needed money to fund education for Guatemalan children. This language school provides a stable source of funding for the affiliated school and volunteer project NDG. This social business Cambio NDG offers unique international immersion experiences in Antigua, Guatemala with 100% of profits being donated directly to the education of more than 500 children living in poverty.

Cambio employs some of the most qualified teachers in Antigua, utilizing the best teaching methodologies and resources, and providing individualized attention to each student.

Highlights include:

  • One-on-one classes with certified, local Guatemalan teachers
  • Lessons tailored to specific needs and with personal goals taken into account
  • Teachers have over 10 years experience teaching Spanish as a second language
  • Optional Skype lessons! And in-person instruction, too, of course!
  • Uses the Cervantes curriculum, a top quality material from a world-recognized leader in Spanish
  • Foreign students can earn university credits via personal set-up with each university to make their lessons tangible and quantifiable back in their home country.

The Language School also facilitates homestays for travelers and students attending the school. Cambio NDG offers centrally-located homestays accommodation with local families in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. The homestay hosts have years of experience in welcoming guests from all over the world and sharing their culture. Homestay accommodation includes 3 meals daily except Sundays.

Cambio NDG offers private, secure transport between the Guatemala City airport and Antigua as well as destinations throughout the country.





4a Calle Oriente #28 Antigua, Guatemala

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