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Cambolac Art & Souveniers

Siem Reap, Cambodia



Started in 2011, Cambolac produces and sells high quality souvenirs, creating jobs for local community in the context of booming tourism in Cambodia. By 2014, Cambolac provides about 60 employments, among which half are hearing impaired young adults and others are vulnerable poor populations from Angkor’s Park.

Cambolac’s proprietary lacquer technology allows to create unique souvenirs with Picture In Lacquer, showing amazing Angkor temples and beautiful Cambodian nature. Cambolac offers a choice of more than a hundred different hand-made souvenirs and home decoration products ranging from boxes, candles-holders to candles, trays, and plates in different sizes.
Cambolac’s products are handmade in our Siem Reap workshop along a thirty-day manufacturing process. Starting with a wooden form, with great care, one by one, up to ten layers of polycashew oil lacquer are hand brushed and sprayed. Each new layer is finely sand papered before we apply the next one.

After 3 years development, Cambolac aims now to speed up its development and build up a new fabrication plant in Siem Reap to create more jobs for the local.


Monday through Saturday
8:00 – 11:30
13:00 – 17:00






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