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Cooperativa CACAO

Oaxaca, Mexico



The CACAO Cooperative is a very small social enterprise still growing the business. They offer a lovely cacao workshop to learn how to make chocolate from scratch. The primary business is to prepare and sell fairtrade chocolate, as well as other fairtrade items (like mezcal) from around the region. The shop is located in Huayapam, which is a short taxi or bus from Oaxaca Centro.

Because this is a tiny business, you’ll need to schedule a workshop through email and bring a couple of friends as it will likely be a private class just with your group. The class is in Huayapam, which is an easy taxi or bus ride from the center. It’s a fascinating process and you’ll prepare chocolate from scratch, roasting cacao beans, grinding, sweetening, and then shaping the chocolate. A great way for chocolate lovers to learn the history of how cacao has shaped Oaxaca’s history. Their fair-trade mezcal is also a fantastic souvenir. Only one of the partners speaks conversational English, so confirm that you need the workshop in English if you don’t speak Spanish.

The map on this page links to the church and municipio in Huayapam, which is where you will meet. From there, they will lead you to the workshop nearby.

They also share information on their Facebook page and respond to messages there:



San Andrés Huayapam, Mexico

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