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DoiTung Tourism Project

Doi Tung, Thailand



This is a social enterprise that focuses on providing economic stability to the people in Doi Tung, a rural area in Northern Thailand’s Golden Triangle. By supporting the coffee shop, boutiques, and guesthouses, you support the livelihoods of the people in the region.

Stop by any of the cafe and shop locations in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, or Chiang Mai and sip a hot cup of locally grown coffee and pick out memorable souvenirs. Proceeds go right back to the rural community of Doi Tung. This is a well run social enterprise with a long track record of successfully growing and supporting economic activities in Doi Tung.

Once you make it north, there are many truly great accommodation and tourism projects in Doi Tung itself. A gorgeous park, high end lodge, and more.


Hours vary by location.





Mae Fa Luang, Mae Fa Luang District, Chiang Rai 57240, Thailand

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