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Feynan Ecolodge

Wadi Feyan, Jordan



A gorgeous eco-lodge in the heart of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, surrounded with mountains and steeped in beauty. This location offers travelers a chance to experience authentic Bedouin hospitality in a respectful way. The lodge is completely solar-powered and offers guests the opportunity to take a low-impact hike in the surrounding area, and finish the day sipping sweet tea with local Bedouin.

In addition to the sustainability eco-projects, the lodge has many onsite community projects to employ local artisans who handcraft fine decorations and the candles that light the lodge. The women working there welcome guests to drop by and watch them work.

Activities on offer:

  • Learn how to weave the Bedouin goat-haired tents.
  • Spend a day with a local shepherd grazing the family‚Äôs goats in the wilderness of Feynan.
  • Take a cooking class, learn to make a vegetarian lunch of Jordanian popular dishes.

GVs founder visited and sees it as one of the most lovely places in Jordan to escape from life for a few days and enjoy nature and culture. It’s off the grid, beautifully quiet, and the lodge and rooms are gorgeous.

The lodge also accepts long-term volunteers looking to live off the grid and teach English within the community. Enquire directly with them.





Follow directions on their site to the Wadi Feynan Reception Center and they will bring you to the lodge from there.

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