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Folkcharm Journey

Loei, Thailand



FolkCharm works with local farmers and artisans in Thailand to create unique pieces of carefully crafted products. The organization offers truly unique two- and three-day tours to learn cotton-weaving from the ground up. See and try for yourself the process from cotton farm to textile, enjoy local home-cooked meals, sightsee on the back of a motorbike in the mountains, and enjoy a firsthand look at rural life in Thailand.

Located 600 kilometers from Bangkok, travelers booking this experience witness the entire process of producing natural chemical-free cotton farming, weaving and botanical dyeing by hand. There is a set itinerary that offers a good mix of hands-on workshops and touring to meet the community, too.

By partnering with local farmers, the organization hopes to build a culture of ethical consumers and show younger generations that it’s art form worth conserving, as well as an activity that generate sufficient income right in their villages, not necessitating the country’s rural youth to leave their families to work.





Loei, Thailand (exact location not represented on map — provided at time of booking)

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