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Katunggan It Ibajay

Panay Island, Philippines



The Ibajay Mangrove Forest (Katunggan It Ibajay) is a park run by two local communities. The park straddles these two communities, which is why both communities are involved. The park is home to 28 of the 35 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and is home to the largest specimen of Avecinnia rumphiana in Asia. The mission of the park is to maintain these incredible natural resources through sustainable ecotourism.

Currently, the park has incredible infrastructure, including a visitor’s center with a conference hall, a kitchen, bathrooms, and 800 meters of elevated trail. However, the community has developed all of this infrastructure and has given no thought to investments in advertising. In addition, the park is located roughly 45 minutes from Boracay Island, which is one of the most visited tourist sites in all of the Philippines.

The park is home to 28 out of the 30 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and one of the largest specimens of Avecennia rumphiana. The entrance fee for the park is 15 pisos for students and teachers, 20 pisos for Filipinos, and 100 pisos for international visitors. All profits go to managing the park.


Mon-Sun: 7:00 am-5:00 pm





Aklan, Ibajay, Philippines

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