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Maya Educational Experience

Tanahun District, Nepal



Maya EdEx is the first not-for-profit social enterprise to combine educational experience, immersion into the local culture, and a responsible allocation of resources in order to benefit local communities in rural Nepal.

The educational experiences offer an immersive experience into Nepali culture, incorporating traditional workshops, meals with local families in rural villages, hikes with views of the Himalayas, and a bonfire party, all in the vicinity of the only free-of-charge private school in Nepal.

The standard package includes two nights and three days and as of 2018 started at $70 per person including transport and meals. Maya EdEx targets the financial sustainability of the four Maya schools and income generation opportunities for the local community. Consequently, each and every single Rupee that Maya EdEx earns is either re-invested in the education that Maya Universe Academy offers or distributed over the surrounding communities as extra income.





Byas-4, Udhin Dhunga Byas 33900, Tanahun district, Nepal

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