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Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Phuket, Thailand



A tiny sanctuary dedicated to adopting gibbons that were kept in captivity with a hope of rehabilitating them and reintroducing the gibbons back into the wild. The project also has done amazing advocacy work to help tourists understand the plight facing the animals and help prevent poaching by decreasing tourist demand for gibbon photos and experiences.

Once you pay for admission to the National Park, admission to the center is by donation and it’s a lovely place to visit. If you stop by as the center opens at 9am, you may even get to hear the impressive morning song of these elusive creatures, which are hard to spot, but still worth a visit to this spot, which is located in the Khao Phra Thaew Royal Wildlife & Forest Reserve.

If you want to volunteer with the gibbons and you have the time, volunteer opportunities are also available to help clean cages and track released gibbons.


Daily 9am to 4.30pm (to 3pm on Saturdays)





Khao Pra Theaw Non-Hunting Area Phuket, Thailand 83100 (see their site for exact directions)

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