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Project Esperanza Art Shop

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic



Project Esperanza runs two local Art Shops. All proceeds from the Art Shops go to the organization, which then reinvests that money right back into helping the local community. All items in the shop are created by local artists, and the shops sell: T-shirts, jewelry, paintings, and more.

The organization’s art shop help fund local communities and also support its larger mission. Project Esperanza primarily serves the Haitian immigrant population of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in the areas of education, social aid, and community development. The organization runs two schools pre-K through 6th grade for Haitian immigrant children who face barriers to receiving education, as well as a group home for boys working and often living in the streets.

By buying your souvenirs at the Project Esperanza Art Shoppes, or via its online store, you help support the development of local artists and support the empowerment of locals through vocational education and support.


Mon – Sat from 9:00am – 5:00pm





*Good Fruit Designs Art Shop (Project Esperanza)* is located at: Calle Separacion 41 (Next to Fifi's Jewelry and Cigar Store).

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