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Skwachays Hotel & Gallery

Vancouver, Canada



The Skwachàys Lodge and Art Gallery is a social enterprise project located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic downtown and created by the Vancouver Native Housing Society. The building houses a fair trade Indigenous art gallery, boutique hotel, and an urban Indigenous artist residence. Profits from this social enterprise directly fund supportive housing programs for at-risk indigenous people.

If you’re looking for an innovative social enterprise in Canada, this is an incredible organization. The top floors of the Lodge contain 18 boutique hotel units for socially responsible travelers and indigenous patients traveling to Vancouver from remote areas to receive medical treatment also use the hotel units. Guests can also enjoy a sweat lodge and smudge room on the premises. The lodge has been meticulously designed to give guests the opportunity to experience and celebrate authentic Indigenous arts and culture.

The Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery showcases Indigenous artistic and cultural work and provides a community-owned resource for Aboriginal artists. This fine-art gallery is located in the lobby of the hotel to share and promote the artistic and cultural work of the First Nations, and Vancouver’s urban Aboriginal community.

The Housing Society running this project is the largest Aboriginal non-profit housing provider on the British Columbia mainland and the entire experience—whether you come for the gallery to to stay at the boutique hotel—is a top-notch experience.





31 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 Canada

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