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The Lonely Tree Café

Battambang, Cambodia



The Lonely Tree Café is a pleasant little social enterprise located in the main centre of Battambang. The downstairs area is a shop where they sell traditional Khmer handmade goods crafted by physically disabled people, mostly victims of land mine accidents and poliomyelitis. The café works in association with the NGO S.A.U.C.E, a Spanish NGO that provides education, healthcare and disability services to the people of rural Battambang.

By visiting the restaurant you are helping to fund many their projects and helping the people in the local community. The food and atmosphere is great too. They have a nice upstairs balcony where you can look over the streets of Battambang while enjoying your meal.


Monday to Sunday – 10am to 10pm





No. 134, St. 121 Battambang, Cambodia

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