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Turtle Conservation And Education Center

Bali, Indonesia



The Turtle Conservation And Education Center was founded to help protect turtles around Bali. The centre does so by hosting injured animals, collecting nests from tourist beaches and buying eggs from locals ( preventing them from being consumed). Eggs are bred at the center and the hatchlings are raised for about one month and then released into the wild.

The center harnesses the potential education, tourism, conservation and research of turtles with a liberal sprinkling of business to give endangered turtles one more chance on Serangan. TCEC is supported by WWF, Governor Bali, the mayor of Denpasar, municipality authorities, the Provincial Nature Resource Conservation Agency and the local community.

As the center is run by volunteers, tourist donations go a long way to helping keep the operations running. If you visit from July – Oct you may also get the chance to watch the turtles being released into the ocean.





Jalan tukad punggawa lingkungan Ponjok, Serangan 80229, Denpasar, Bali , Indonesia

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