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  • HiveSters

    Bangkok, Thailand
    Categories: tour operator, ecotourism
    HiveSters is a search engine for locally run tours in Thailand. Every tour works directly with local communities, social enterprises, and individuals and tourists are able to tap into the local community's knowledge while ensuring money flows directly to those sharing with you their time and skills.
  • Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Categories: animal sanctuary
    One of the newer elephant sanctuaries in Thailand (opened 2016), this one is, by all accounts, doing all the right things. The <a href="">Elephant Nature Park</a> set the standard for these types of sanctuaries, and Kindred spirit has taken up the mantle, offering overnight visits and volunteering stints at their sanctuary in
  • Lila Thai Massage

    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Categories: spa
    The Lila Thai Massage Shop was established by the former Director of The Chiang Mai Women's Prison to support the released inmates to earn a legal living. Mrs. Naowarat, the director, strongly believes that the participation of the community can contribute to the successful reintegration of the prisoners, who are not readily accepted back into Thai society.
  • Local Alike

    Thailand (most cities)
    Categories: tour operator
    LocalAlike is an online marketplace where you can find curated travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia. The organization strives to create opportunities for locals, communities, and businesses to better their livelihoods through tourism.
  • New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

    Koh Tao, Thailand
    Categories: ecotourism, tour operator
    Operating at the dive school since 2007, the conservation program teaches divers about coral reef ecology, research, and restoration. The dive school believes that the people most closely connected to the reef should be the ones that care for it, and as such the instructors are committed to involving more and more divers in marine education and conservation through various ongoing marine conservation projects and ocean monitoring studies.
  • Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

    Phuket, Thailand
    Categories: animal sanctuary, ecotourism
    A tiny sanctuary dedicated to adopting gibbons that were kept in captivity with a hope of rehabilitating them and reintroducing the gibbons back into the wild. The project also has done amazing advocacy work to help tourists understand the plight facing the animals and help prevent poaching by decreasing tourist demand for gibbon photos and experiences.
  • Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon

    Doi Inthanon, Thailand
    Categories: ecotourism, hotel/guesthouse
    Established in 1979 by the King to eliminate opium growing, the Station acts as a research centre for highland fisheries as a way to develop the livelihoods of hill tribe farmers nearby. Tourists can visit the beautiful gardens and greenhouses, which are located in Doi Inthanon National Park , and funds continue to support this important work.
  • Wanita

    Pattani, Thailand
    Categories: souvenirs, artwork
    Women from the poorest provinces in Southern Thailand banded together to create product and industry that could positively affect their lives. Although there is not much tourism in the region, if you are in Pattani then stop by the shop that displays the food products, wickerwork, handicraft, and agriculture produced by these women.
  • Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

    Hua Hin, Thailand
    Categories: animal sanctuary, ecotourism, hotel/guesthouse
    The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand operates the Elephant Refuge and Education Centre and allows travelers to spend one day at the center learning about the work and visiting all 450+ animals living at the center — elephants, but also a broad range of other animals. A high-end Elephant lodge is also available.
  • Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE)

    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Categories: clothing shop
    WEAVE Fair Trade Social Enterprise (WFT-SE) works with displaced, disadvantaged and marginalized ethnic women from Burma and in Northern Thailand. WFT-SE facilitates access and opportunities to generate safe and fair income through handicrafts development and support to preserve time-honored artisanry and culture.