• Quetzaltrekkers Xela

    Xela, Guatemala
    Categories: tour operator, trekking
    Quetzaltrekkers is a non-profit, all volunteer-run trekking and outdoors association in Nicaragua. They offer adventurous hikes through the volcanoes in the surrounding areas of Leon, Guatemala and then donate all profits to locally-run projects working with disadvantaged youth in and around the city.
  • Reaching Out Arts & Crafts

    Hoi an, Vietnam
    Categories: artwork & crafts
    Reaching Out is an enterprise established in 2000 by a group of other-abled people led by Le Nguyen Binh, who is a wheelchair user. This social business, operating according to Fair Trade principles is headquartered in beautiful Hoi An a World Heritage site on the Central Coast of Vietnam.
  • Reaching Out Teahouse

    Hoi An, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    This beautiful Teahouse in the heart of Hoi An's Old Town was established in 2000 with the vision of providing opportunities for people of disability to learn skills and gain meaningful employment so that they are able to integrate fully with their communities and lead independent and fulfilling lives. The staff are deaf or hard of hearing and incredibly gracious and charming.
  • ReefCI

    Punta Gorda, Belize
    Categories: ecotourism, dive center
    ReefCI offer all inclusive Monday-Friday Marine Conservation scuba packages on a beautiful Coral Caye in the Caribbean. The location offers world class diving, home cooked food and friendly locals. As a plus, you can learn to dive or further your dive qualifications while you help monitor the reef, commercial fish species and capture the invasive lionfish! Whale shark season is March - June so visit around the full moon and you may also get to swim with these majestic creatures.
  • Rehash Trash

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: artwork & crafts, class/workshop
    Rehash Trash is a Green Gecko social enterprise, working with 100+ former street children and their 32 families over the past 10 years. The organization offers a range of fun, hands-on workshops for tourists, with funds used to support training and employment initiatives.
  • Rural Odyssey

    New Delhi, India
    Categories: tour operator
    Rural Odyssey is a social enterprise that promotes responsible and community based tourism in northern India. They develop authentic cultural experiences for travellers, which incorporates the lives of some of India’s most rural communities. They aim to share their incredible culture, music, crafts, art forms and much more, while also contributing to the social end economic benefit of the local people. Take an off-the-beaten-path tour and immerse yourself into the real India while supporting local communities.
  • Rural Organization for Social Elevation and Village Tourism

    Uttarakhand, India
    Categories: hotel/guesthouse, tour operator
    Founded by members of the Kanda community in 1981, ROSE (also known as Koormanchal Seva Samsthan) is a community-based NGO working with locals and volunteers to improve the health, education and quality of life of the rural poor in this region while maintaining cultural integrity and ecological balance.
  • Sadhna Boutique

    Udaipur, India
    Categories: artwork & crafts, clothing shop
    A boutique selling handcrafted goods created by more than 700 women employed under fair trade standards. Sadhna not only offers beautiful clothes and goods that make wonderful souvenirs, they are a social enterprise dedicated to supporting and developing the women in the Sadhna program.
  • Saigon Hotpot

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Categories: tour operator
    Saigon Hotpot is a student run organisation started in 2006. It was one of the first voluntary clubs run by Vietnamese students from different universities with the aim to promote the beauty of Vietnam to the world, and create a dynamic environment for the self-development of local students. Students take you on tailor-made tours around the city, which includes anything from sightseeing the main attractions to tasting Vietnamese street food. The cost is free aside from the cost of entrance fees, food and drink.
  • Salaam Baalak Trust

    New Delhi, India
    Categories: tour operator
    The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk is a 2 hour guided walk through the inner city streets of Paharganj and the area around New Delhi railway station. The walks are run by kids who used to live in the streets of Delhi before joining The Salaam Baalak Trust. The Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organisation providing care and protection support to street and working children in Delhi and NCR. All donations go towards the SBT projects which include health, education and social inclusion for disadvantaged youth in Delhi.