• Three Treasures

    Bagan, Myanmar
    Categories: tour operator, ecotourism
    Take a unique tour in Bagan, Myanmar with a unique company where the entire structure of the tour emphasizes an "un-tour" experience of sorts. The organization "offers tours in Bagan for independent-minded people who don’t usually hire a guide when traveling." In addition to classic tours of the ruins, the company offers has an impressive list of crafts workshops and innovative tour products.
  • Thusare Talking Hands

    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Categories: health & beauty
    Thusare Talking Hands provides therapeutic massages using a Japanese acupressure technique called Shiatsu. The centre employs visually-impaired Sri Lankans and provides them with training and economic empowerment, giving them an opportunity to be part of the workforce. Thusare Talking Hands works in collaboration with the department of social services to provide new opportunities to Sri Lankan's handicapped community, allowing them to develop their senses through massage. Stop in for a massage and help to support this great cause. All profits made go directly to assisting Sri Lankan's handicapped community.
  • Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

    Chitwan, Nepal
    Categories: ecotourism, hotel/guesthouse
    The Elephant Camp was established in 2015 by Tiger Tops. Our aim was to give our resident elephants a little more autonomy and freedom; in turn this allows our guests to have the most unique and authentic elephant experience in Asia. Established in collaboration with Elephant Aid International and Carol Buckley, guests are surrounded by elephants living chain-free in spacious, naturalistic corrals. The camp provides all the services you could want to explore Chitwan National Park while also supporting need advocacy work for elephants supporting Chitwan's conservation efforts.
  • Tohe

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Categories: artwork
    Tohe is a social enterprise in Vietnam that provides a creative learning playground for disadvantaged children to play and learn in a different academic setting. Selected artworks from art classes have been redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: clothes, accessories, homeware, toys. These are then branded under the name Tohe and distributed both in Vietnam and internationally.
  • Topas Ecolodge

    Sapa, Lao Cai
    Categories: hotel/guesthouse
    Topas Ecolodge is now the only one of its kind in Vietnam. It has a perfect location – situated atop two cone formed hills, set deep in the spectacular Sapa valley of northern Vietnam. Topas Ecolodge is based on sustainable principles to ensure that the lodge has a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. They employ local people and use local products and goods, in order to bring economic benefits to the local community as well as they have implemented a wastewater facility to avoid pollution of the local area.
  • Travel Loops

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: tour operator, ecotourism
    Offering a range of tours in Siem Reap, Traveling Loop is a tour operator with a strong underlying committment to limiting the environmental impact of all of its tours. Although it offers longer tours of Cambodia, the bicycling and food tours in Siem Reap are a fantastic option for travelers on a budget, independent travelers, or anyone looking for a responsible way to tour Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.
  • Turtle Conservation And Education Center

    Bali, Indonesia
    Categories: animal sanctuary
    The Turtle Conservation And Education Center was founded to help protect turtles around Bali. The centre does so by hosting injured animals, collecting nests from tourist beaches and buying eggs from locals ( preventing them from being consumed). Eggs are bred at the center and the hatchlings are raised for about one month and then released into the wild. The center harnesses the potential education, tourism, conservation and research of turtles with a liberal sprinkling of business to give endangered turtles one more chance on Serangan. TCEC is supported by WWF, Governor Bali, the mayor of Denpasar, municipality authorities, the Provincial Nature Resource Conservation Agency and the local community. As the center is run by volunteers, tourist donations go a long way to helping keep the operations running. If you visit from July - Oct you may also get the chance to watch the turtles being released into the ocean.
  • U Café Hoi An

    Hoi An, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    This social enterprise offers locally sourced ingredients from markets and from several organic farms in a nearby village Tra Que, and from organic coffee farmers in Dak Lak. Perhaps most notable, however, is that the cafe offers vocational training in catering and hospitality for disadvantaged young people in Hoi An and Da Nang, and language training in English, Japanese and Esperanto. The food menu is very limited, but the location is ideal for evening drinks or a morning coffee.
  • Ulu Geroh

    Perak, Malaysia
    Categories: tour operator, ecotourism
    Formed by the Malaysian Nature Society, Kampung Ulu Geroh is a traditional settlement for ‘Orang Asli’ (aborigines) in Malaysia. The organization promotes sustainable and community based ecotourism. Eco-tours and experiences offers visitors the opportunity to sample the daily lifestyles of the Orang Asli in beautiful, natural surroundings. They offer accommodation in addition to a wide variety of outdoor activities: jungle trekking to the Cameroon Highlands, white water rafting, hunting trips and nature treks to see the blooming Rafflesia (the world's largest flower). The tour company is located in near Ipoh, Perak and about 175km from Kuala Lumpur.
  • Uncharted Horizons Myanmar

    Yangon, Myanmar
    Categories: tour operator
    Uncharted Horizons Myanmar is a social enterprise providing off-the-beaten-track tours of Yangon and the Chin State. The tours provide an insight into real Burmese culture, while also supporting marginalised communities in Myanmar.