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  • Genevieve's Fair Trade Village

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: artwork & crafts, clothing shop
    Genevieve's Fair Trade Village is a fair trade marketplace for artisans and craftspeople with disabilities to sell their products. This social enterprise is focused on creating a fair trade environment that benefits artisans and craftspeople with disabilities. The market showcases a range of handicrafts made by local producers, helping them to rise out of poverty and become self sustainable.
  • Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda

    Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Mexico
    Categories: class/workshop, artwork & crafts, ecotourism, tour operator, hotel/guesthouse
    Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda is a grassroots movement operating in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.
  • Heaven Restaurant & Bar

    Kigali, Rwanda
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, artwork & crafts
    Heaven features international fusion cuisine and the restaurant invests energy in training and supporting Rwanda's tourism industry. The restaurant, though initiated and run by a foreigner employs local Rwandans the vast majority of work. Additionally, Rwandan craftspeople painstakingly produced everything in the restaurant, from the chairs and tables to the artwork on the walls. The restaurant offers wifi and local crafts so tourist passing through can sample fusion cuisine made from locally grown ingredients, buy local crafts, and take in the views of Kigali. The Heaven Restaurant & Bar is located in Kiyovu, three streets downhill from Mille Collines Hotel.
  • Hecho

    Oaxaca, Mexico
    Categories: clothing shop, artwork & crafts, souvenirs
    Hecho is a curated emporium of ethically made artisan works that marry contemporary design with traditional processes. The organization is based in Oaxaca, Mexico and has an online shop filled with beautiful, handmade pieces made by a small group of hand-selected artisans in Mexico and Guatemala.
  • Helping Hands

    Yangon, Myanmar
    Categories: souvenirs, artwork & crafts
    Helping Hands is a social business focused on restoring traditional Burmese teak furniture — a beautiful legacy in Myanmar. The business employs over 50 skilled artisans to work along side ex-street children, training them in the art and skill of furniture restoration. Together they bring old, unloved furniture back to life. You can pick up a stunning souvenir, send home beautifully carved teak furniture, or buy a local handicraft to take home and remember your trip to Myanmar.
  • Hla Day

    Yangon, Myanmar
    Categories: artwork & crafts, clothing shop
    Hla Day is a social enterprise operating in Yangon, Myanmar. The shop applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in the lives of its producers. Working with Myanmar artisans, disadvantaged groups, and small local businesses, Hla Day designs, develops, and sells quality handmade products with a contemporary twist.
  • Iraq al Amir Women's Association

    Near Amman, Jordan
    Categories: artwork & crafts, souvenirs, class/workshop, cooking class
    Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society is a social enterprise in Jordan providing training projects for more than 150 women living in the villages of Wadi Seer. The Handicraft Village runs several different workshops for tourists that help the women preserve their craft heritage, share cultural knowledge with visitors, and allow travelers to leave with a hand-made, local souvenir.
  • La Tiendita del Barro

    Oaxaca City, Mexico
    Categories: artwork & crafts
    Traditional pottery in Oaxaca is at risk of disappearing. In a world of disposable plastic products, produced in the millions, the unique craft of the potter is rarely valued. Since they cannot earn a sufficient and fair income, many are abandoning the craft altogether. La Tiendita del Barro provides a shopfront and art gallery opportunities for this collective to showcase their works.
  • LifeStart Foundation

    Hoi An, Vietnam
    Categories: artwork & crafts
    The Lifestart Foundation is a grassroots, not-for-profit charity that helps disadvantaged Vietnamese people and their families to become self-sufficient. Founded in 2000 by Australian Karen Leonard and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, the Foundation applies a holistic approach to helping those in need through proven working programs and initiatives designed to effect a generational change.
  • Mekong Quilts (Hanoi)

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Categories: artwork & crafts
    Mekong Quilts was founded in 2001 as an income generation project under the umbrella of parent NGO, Mekong Plus. They sell quilts made by women in poor and rural communities across Southeast Asia.