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  • Sanon

    Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanmar
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, cooking class
    Sanon is a social enterprise located in Nyaung U, Bagan that runs as a Burmese and Tapas restaurant. Providing vocational training to marginalised youth in the Burmese community, the restaurant gives opportunity for work to those in the training programs.
  • Sapa O'Chau

    Sapa, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, ecotourism, tour operator, trekking, homestay
    The ethnic minorities of Vietnam need help to avoid the consequences of poverty, such as lack of sufficient housing, food and access to medical care. This facebook page aims to increase knowledge about Sapa O'Chau and our work to provide support the those who need it. The organization runs trekking tours and homestays throughout the Sapa region, and the cafe in town is a big hit with the local expats, backpackers, and locals alike. This organization is a wonderful way to use your tourism dollars responsibly when in the region and looking for ways to give back to the local community. Email: for more information or specifics.
  • Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Sarangi is a Vegetarian / Vegan community restaurant located right next door to Kathmandu Guest House. The restaurant supports local community projects that provide a platform to empower the Gandharba people of Nepal. They also adopt eco friendly practices such as aquaponics and a no plastic policy.
  • Sheroes Hangout

    Agra, India
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Sheroes Hangout is a remarkable social enterprise that proves to us all that there is triumph over hardship. The café is run by female acid attack survivors, providing opportunity for many women in the community to reintegrate into Indian society after suffering devastating assaults. Sheroes Hangout not only gives these women a place where they can feel confident and empowered, it is also a place that helps to raise awareness about acid attacks in India and provides support to those who need it most.
  • Shwe Sa Bwe

    Yangon, Myanmar
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Enjoy a tasty meal or find a place to sleep at this training hotel and restaurant, which allows students to acquire real-life experience from experienced trainers. The food is gorgeous and prepared to be a high end dining experience at a more affordable price since the staff are in training.
  • Sozo Centre

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Sozo was established in 2005 to help underprivileged Vietnamese families break the cycle of debt, be trained for employment and have the opportunity of a new start in life. 100% of cafe profits are used for staff training, development and education. Sozo Centre features a cafe, catering, and a function room that can be booked for parties and events.
  • Sprouting Seeds Cafe & Bakery

    Kalaw, Myanmar
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, internet cafe
    Sprouting Seeds cafe and bakery using locally-sourced food and offering a haven of fresh homemade baked goods, ice cream, veggie dishes, and delicious meals in a traditional old Kalaw house. A portion of proceeds go toward the cafe's social mission: to support disadvantaged youth with training and support.
  • STREETS Restaurant Café

    Hoi An, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    STREETS Restaurant Café is a social enterprise in Hoi An's old city with a hospitality and culinary training program for disadvantaged young people in the community. The restaurant not only provides opportunity to youth but also funding to the work of STREETS INTERNATIONAL, an organisation that develops and operates sustainable programs for street kids and disadvantaged youth in SE Asia and throughout the world.
  • The Hill Station

    Sapa, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    A delicious restaurant, deli and boutique hotel that combines the history of the Indochina period with the preservation of hill tribe culture. All the staff at The Hill Station are Hmong with the exception of the receptionist, accountant and owner. Serving up a sumptuous range of intercontinental cheeses and wines, alongside Hmong home style specialities. In addition The Hill Station offers unique & authentic products which gives visitors a chance to bring home some of the high quality produce from the region together with other initiatives aimed at enhancing the experience people get when visiting Sapa and hopefully spread the word and reputation of this spectacular destination.
  • The Lonely Tree Café

    Battambang, Cambodia
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    The Lonely Tree Café is a pleasant little social enterprise located in the main centre of Battambang. The downstairs area is a shop where they sell traditional Khmer handmade goods crafted by physically disabled people, mostly victims of land mine accidents and poliomyelitis. The café works in association with the NGO S.A.U.C.E, a Spanish NGO that provides education, healthcare and disability services to the people of rural Battambang.