• Jaan Bai

    Battambang, Cambodia
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Jaan Bai, meaning “rice bowl” in Khmer, is a social enterprise restaurant in affiliation with Cambodian Childrens Trust (CCT), and provides skills and employment for youth in Battambang, with all profits going to the overall sustainability of CCT. The cuisine at Jaan Bai is about the simplicity of well-crafted, nourishing and wholesome recipes - as well as serving great coffee and cocktails. They use seasonal organic produce sourced from local farmers and neighbouring markets, as well as the kitchen garden at their youth centre.
  • Jack's Cat Cafe

    Hoi An, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, animal sanctuary, internet cafe
    Jack's Cat Cafe is a part of the Vietnam Cat Welfare NGO based in Hoi An. The organization is the main cat shelter houses more than 60 rescue cats. The Cafe helps fund the work of not only improving the welfare of local cats, but of educating and increasing the compassion toward cats and all animals throughout Vietnam.
  • Jaguar Rescue Center

    Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
    Categories: ecotourism, animal sanctuary
    The Jaguar Rescue Center is not a zoo, but rather a rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild species center with the end goal of releasing the animals back into the wild. Most of the animals have lost their mothers, or have gone through traumatic experiences, so direct contact is fundamental to their approach for building a strong defense mechanism to face their future successfully.
  • Joma Bakery

    Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Joma Bakery actually has several locations 4 in Hanoi, as well as in Laos. They serve great coffee, fresh baked goods and delicious and healthy sandwiches.
  • Katunggan It Ibajay

    Panay Island, Philippines
    Categories: ecotourism, tour operator
    The Ibajay Mangrove Forest (Katunggan It Ibajay) is a park run by two local communities. The park straddles these two communities, which is why both communities are involved. The park is home to 28 of the 35 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and is home to the largest specimen of Avecinnia rumphiana in Asia. The mission of the park is to maintain these incredible natural resources through sustainable ecotourism.
  • Khawalung Monastery

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Categories: hotel/guesthouse, homestay
    Khawalung Tashi Choeling Monastery is located in Kathmandu near several of the key tourist sites in the city. The monastery has several programs in place, with many longer-term goals to provide more support to the young monks living at the monastery as well as
  • Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Categories: animal sanctuary
    One of the newer elephant sanctuaries in Thailand (opened 2016), this one is, by all accounts, doing all the right things. The <a href="http://grassrootsvolunteering.org/businesses/elephant-nature-park">Elephant Nature Park</a> set the standard for these types of sanctuaries, and Kindred spirit has taken up the mantle, offering overnight visits and volunteering stints at their sanctuary in
  • Kinyei Cafe

    Battambang, Cambodia
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, coffee shop
    The word 'Cafe' means more to Kinyei than just a place to have a coffee - they recognise it to be a place, open to everyone, where you can go to share ideas, news, and culture. Kinyei Cafe serves a range of expertly made espressos and baked goods. With live music, a gallery space, and hosting 'Kinyei Open Classroom', the cafe is becoming a hub of social innovation, cross cultural engagement and local artistic talent.
  • Kompong Khleang Floating Village: Community Based Tours

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: tour operator
    Kompong Khleang Floating Village: Community Based Tours is a social enterprise benefitting the Bridge of Life School, a non-profit organization operating in Siem Reap and Kompong Thom Province. Their mission is to connect tourists to Kompong Khleang, a floating village on the Tonle Sap, in a responsible and meaningful way by both seeing the sites and learning about the community. Their tours are unique because they are based in the community, run by local residents, and all profits are reinvested in the community based educational programming.
  • KOTO Cooking Class (Hanoi)

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    Categories: cooking class
    KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One and the cooking class in Hanoi is part of their social enterprise network in Vietnam.