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  • Advocafe

    Manila, Philippines
    Categories: restaurant/cafe
    Advocafe is social enterprise that supports the indigenous people of the Philippines efforts for sustainable living.The cafe serves a range of fair trade coffee and tea with profits going back into the community and towards their programs, which include education, environment and livelihood programs.
  • Bambike Ecotours

    Manila, Philippines
    Categories: ecotourism, tour operator
    Bambike is a socio-ecological enterprise based in the Philippines that hand-makes bamboo bicycles with fair-trade labor and sustainable building practices. They run eco tours around Manila on the bicycles made by Gawad Kalinga villagers here in the Philippines.
  • Katunggan It Ibajay

    Panay Island, Philippines
    Categories: ecotourism, tour operator
    The Ibajay Mangrove Forest (Katunggan It Ibajay) is a park run by two local communities. The park straddles these two communities, which is why both communities are involved. The park is home to 28 of the 35 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and is home to the largest specimen of Avecinnia rumphiana in Asia. The mission of the park is to maintain these incredible natural resources through sustainable ecotourism.
  • Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe

    Manila, Philippines
    Categories: restaurant/cafe, hotel/guesthouse
    A social enterprise for NGO Bahay Tuluyan, this guesthouse and cafe are staffed by vulnerable youth from the streets of Manila. Bahay Tuluyan offer a variety of programs and services aimed at preventing and responding to abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines. By visiting the guesthouse and cafe you are helping to provide opportunity to individuals in the community and lead youth out of the cycle of poverty.
  • Smokey Tours

    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Categories: tour operator
    Smokey Tours is a social enterprise in Manila that supports a non-profit project directly benefitting the people in the area. The tour company aims to show "the other side of Manila" with a range of tours in Metro Manila.