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  • Ammo Jewellery

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: class/workshop, souvenirs, jewellery shop, handicrafts
    Ammo is an exciting brand of women and men's jewellery, hand-made in Cambodia using recycled bullet casings, brass, silver, and pearls, complemented this with Cambodian silk and leather. Ammo Jewellery Design provides apprenticeship training for young, disadvantaged or disabled Cambodians from Siem Reap province.
  • Cambio Language School

    Antigua, Guatemala
    Categories: language school, class/workshop
    Cambio is the Only Non-Profit Spanish School in Antigua. The school's mission is simple: Offer the highest quality Spanish learning experience in Antigua Guatemala, and contribute to the development of the beautiful country that it calls home. All proceeds from the language school are donated directly to NGO Niños de Guatemala, which provides primary and middle school education disadvantaged and impoverished children.
  • Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op

    Cusco, Peru
    Categories: class/workshop, artwork
    Visit a traditional weaving co-operative in Peru's Sacred Valley that has a bead on what it takes to not only serve tourism through tours, but integrate tourism into the daily fiber of life in a way that preserves the cultural value. The women of the Weaving Co-op use natural alpaca fibers to create incredible textiles.
  • Cooperativa CACAO

    Oaxaca, Mexico
    Categories: class/workshop
    The CACAO Cooperative is a very small social enterprise still growing the business. They offer a lovely cacao workshop to learn how to make chocolate from scratch. The primary business is to prepare and sell fairtrade chocolate, as well as other fairtrade items (like mezcal) from around the region. The shop is located in Huayapam, which is a short taxi or bus from Oaxaca Centro.
  • Courageous Kitchen

    Bangkok, Thailand
    Categories: class/workshop, cooking class
    Courageous Kitchen is a social enterprise offering cooking classes and a street food tours for tourists. The organization also provides nutrition and cooking classes for students — these are funded by the tourism initiatives and support students who are at risk of poverty, malnutrition, poor education, and exploitation.
  • Genevieve's Fair Trade Village

    Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Categories: artwork, clothing shop, jewellery shop, class/workshop, handicrafts, fashion/accessories
    Genevieve's Fair Trade Village (GFTV) is a fair trade marketplace for artisans and craftspeople with disabilities to sell their products. Stop in for ethical souvenirs to take home with you and support people living with disabilities in Siem Reap. Visitor can also participate in workshops run by local artisans. For example: Handmade papermaking, jewellery making, or handmade notebook making Bookings essential, see:
  • Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda

    Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Mexico
    Categories: class/workshop, artwork, ecotourism, tour operator, hotel/guesthouse
    Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda is a grassroots movement operating in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.
  • Inle Heritage

    Inle Lake, Myanmar
    Categories: ecotourism, class/workshop, hotel/guesthouse, cooking class, restaurant/cafe
    Take a learning journey through this organization, which is committed to preserving the region's unique cultural heritage while offering interesting tourism experiences — proceeds contribute to the local community. With a boutique hotel, cooking classes, an award-winning restaurant, Inle Lake tours, and more, there's a range of ways to support this organization's work.
  • Iraq al Amir Women's Association

    Near Amman, Jordan
    Categories: artwork, souvenirs, class/workshop, cooking class
    Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society is a social enterprise in Jordan providing training projects for more than 150 women living in the villages of Wadi Seer. The Handicraft Village runs several different workshops for tourists that help the women preserve their craft heritage, share cultural knowledge with visitors, and allow travelers to leave with a hand-made, local souvenir.
  • Parque de la Papa

    Cusco, Peru
    Categories: ecotourism, tour operator, class/workshop
    This social enterprise offers day treks and cooking workshops, all with an eye toward promoting potato diversity and communal farming—and bringing needed tourism dollars into rural communities. An unexpected highlight, you might be surprised how much you enjoy learning about life in a rural agricultural Andean community, all through the lens of the humble potato.