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Like many other organizations, B3P was started by a group of people who passionately believed in an idea and were determined to make it happen. B3P is a genuinely grassroots network bringing together a diverse selection of people: academics, artists, environmental activists both in the Balkans around the globe, and of course local people living and working in the valleys and villages of Northern Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo/a.

The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a protected area including territory from Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. This would be the ‘Balkan Peace Park,’ an area designed to encourage exchange between the three countries and establish ties in a region long subject to war and strife.

The spectacular mountains and valleys of northern Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro share a landscape of wild beauty, exceptional flora and fauna, as well as a traditional lifestyle, that is almost unique in Europe and relatively unspoilt by modern development. But it is a landscape under threat: from declining population, illegal logging and other environmental destruction. The establishment of a Balkans Peace Park would unite the existing communities of the three countries in preserving biodiversity and enabling local people to continue to live in the valleys, supported by sustainable tourism.

With the help of volunteers, B3P has initiated annual Summer Programmes in Thethi, Albania since 2008, where children are given lessons in English and Environmental studies. These programs have since been expanded to the villages of Vermosh and Lepushe. Every year, through these summer programmes, we bring many hundreds of new visitors to the region, with the aim of promoting sustainable economic development in a region that has traditionally been among the poorest in Europe.

Opportunity types

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A standard commitment is three weeks for the summer programs in Vermosh/Lepushe, although that can be modified.


There are no fees, but volunteers have to provide for all of their own expenses, including accommodation, food, and transportation.


For more information about volunteering with Balkan Peace Park Project, visit them online:

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