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Blue Ventures is a nonprofit offering marine conservation expeditions in Belize, Madagascar, and Timor-Leste to monitor marine conservation programs. Volunteers contribute through data collection during research dives, and fees cover all food, lodging, training, and diving throughout the weeks. Although some of the programs act as a citizen science type volunteer experience, the organization also offers discounts for medics, as well as supports undergraduate students with independent research projects related to marine conservation.

Blue Ventures develops locally-led approaches to marine management that benefit people and nature alike. By listening and responding to basic needs, the organization designs models that catalyze and sustain marine conservation, unlocking the potential of coastal communities to manage their resources. The organization works in places where the ocean is vital to local cultures and economies, and are committed to advancing the rights of small-scale fishers throughout the coastal tropics.

Volunteer Programs in Belize

Join long-term marine conservation efforts to effectively control the invasive lionfish populations. Even more, the long-term expedition offers an incredible chance to take part in cultural exchange sessions and also receive science training in order to be fully prepared for the underwater surveys taking place at the dive camp. Participants undertake two dives a day, six days a week.

Learn more about Belize Expeditions as well as shorter conservation tours in Belize.

Volunteer Programs in Madagascar

Join long-term marine conservation at a remote research and expedition camp on the Indian Ocean in Madagascar. You’ll live in a remote village alongside locals, as well as an international team of marine biologists, field scientists and sociologists. The long-term expedition offersthe chance to take part in cultural exchange sessions and also receive science training in order to be fully prepared for the underwater surveys taking place at the dive camp. Participants undertake two dives a day, five days a week, with community conservation efforts on Saturdays and Sundays off to relax.

Learn more about Madagascar Expeditions.

Volunteer Programs in Timor-Leste

Join the organization’s newest marine expedition base in Timor-Leste, where incredible coral and seagrass habitats contribute to vital community conservation in the Coral Triangle. Home to the highest diversity of marine life on earth, the waters of Timor-Leste are a biodiversity hotspot and a global marine conservation priority, yet data on the status of the marine ecosystem is severely lacking, with limited monitoring and research. Your volunteer work in the Coral Triangle will assist a team of scientists with the collection of marine inventory data, completing research dives in previously un-surveyed waters. The data collected will inform the organization’s theory and practice, and contribute directly to its efforts to develop new approaches to engaging Timor-Leste’s coastal communities in marine conservation.

Learn more about Timor-Leste Expeditions as well as shorter conservation tours in Timor-Leste.

Volunteer Expedition Medics

Blue Ventures offers discounted volunteer expeditions for medical professionals who can provide health, safety and general treatment for marine conservation and research programs in Madagascar, Timor-Leste, and Belize. The position involves providing health care to all staff and volunteers, as well as emergency medical treatment and overseeing Medivac if the need arises. The role also requires maintenance of medical supplies, introductory lectures, and briefings for expedition teams. The volunteer medic must be a qualified doctor, nurse, or paramedic who is able to practice independently in a remote environment.

Learn more about opportunities for Volunteer Expedition Medics.

Independent Research Projects for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students looking to join an expedition and gain underwater survey experience will also have access to the organization’s historical research datasets for their university thesis. Theses should have a focus on reef ecology as this is the data which volunteers participate in collecting.

Learn more about opportunities for Undergraduate Students.

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Volunteers can stay between three and 18 weeks with a regular stay of six weeks.


Fees for a six weeks expedition as qualified diver start from £2460, including transport, meals, accommodation, and dives.

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