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The Bukit Lawang Trust Centre is a dedicated Education Centre offering free English lessons for young people and adults, a free mother and toddler learning group at the kindergarten, and a library. It runs extra lessons in maths, science and arts and crafts and has a strong emphasis on conservation education.

The trust believes that education is the best route out of poverty and through education young people are empowered to take control of their own future, and look for better jobs and begin better businesses, and are therefore better equipped for life.

The trust is looking for volunteers with some teaching experience to teach English and/or conservation education (other subjects are welcome too) at the education centre from Monday to Friday for around 3 to 4 hours per day (maximum 5 in any one day) to children and adults.

The current timetable includes a kindergarten every morning which is run by local staff with the assistance of volunteers; two hours of children’s lessons every afternoon and two hours of adult lessons per week. The centre employs a highly skilled professional local Indonesian teacher who supports the volunteer in the afternoon lessons and some evenings.

Weekends are free for volunteers to relax and explore the local and surrounding area. There is ample opportunity to experience the jungle with its orangutans and other amazing tropical fauna and flora.
Activities include jungle trekking, rafting down the river, kayaking, wood carving.

Teachers have a unique opportunity to become part of the local community, experience living as the locals do and know that the teaching they do is highly valued and worthwhile.

The trust is run entirely on fundraising alone so volunteers are encouraged to do their own fundraising activities before their placement starts if the opportunity for this is available. Funds raised may be spent on materials and resources as decided by the volunteer.

In return for their work, volunteers are provided own double room accommodation including wifi for the duration of their stay.

A local cook is employed to provide 3 meals per day between Monday and Friday and for this a contribution of 12 pounds per week is needed to cover catering costs. At the weekends, volunteers have use of the kitchen to prepare their own meals or eat at one of the many cheap “warungs” in the village.

Opportunity types

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The minimum time period is 2 weeks but volunteers are encouraged to spend up to 2 months..


In return for their work, volunteers are provided own double room accommodation including wifi for the duration of their stay, and meals throughout the week. The fees are incredibly reasonable and vary depending on if you’re doing education, eco-farming, or wildlfie volunteering, but as of 2018, monthlong fees were between $200 and $650. You’re essentially paying just to cover room and board and there is no project fee or major overhead.


For more information about volunteering with Bukit Lawang Trust, visit them online:

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