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The Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) honors, supports and empowers people from developing nations to increase opportunities for basic health services and education for continued economic development. CEF is volunteer-based, relying on the generosity and skills of its people in order to help bring about a positive change in the communities that they serve. The organization allows the creative spirit of each individual to positively affect the life of another.

For one day each year in different cities, the Compassionate Eye Foundation holds its Summer Solstice, where volunteer photographers engage in a photo shoot and donate the copyright of their photos to CEF’s stock contract. The royalties that are earned from the sale of the photos help fund the numerous projects of the organization such as the construction of schools and classrooms; purchasing of books and other school supplies; healthcare programs for women; student scholarship; and agricultural development.

Opportunity types

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A one day around the world each summer.


Free to participate.

Other ways you can help

Donations made via credit cards and PayPal are welcome. Furthermore, should you need photos to accompany articles or presentations, you may purchase CEF photos through their direct link.


For more information about volunteering with Compassionate Eye Foundation, visit them online:

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