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In response to the 2015 earthquakes, Conscious Impact is working to support the Sindhupalchowk region of Nepal by providing access and education to sustainable technologies. Volunteer team work alongside local community members to produce Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB), fill earthbags, ram earthen walls, plant trees, build permaculture gardens, and work with the local youth in schools.

The organization strives to expand horizons and create community as it works together to learn, grow, and build. Conscious Impact believes that humanity must unite to meet global challenges with sustainable solutions. It understands that we gain peace, harmony & happiness by serving others, ourselves, and Earth.

The organization is friends and family, from all nations and backgrounds, working together from the ground up to explore healthy and practical alternative solutions to challenges faced by rural communities, starting in Nepal. Its mission is to inspire, mobilize and train volunteers to serve others with compassion. Conscious Impact creates cross-cultural collaborations and encourages selfless service. It shares and volunteers and the communities live and learn, together. The organization partners with the local community to ensure that programs are truly helpful, relevant, and driven by local leadership from within the community.

The organization accepts:

  • Short term volunteers (10 day duration)
  • Long term volunteers (4+ weeks)
  • Drop-in volunteers (varies)


  • 4-7 hours of diverse service work/day
  • Community Living
  • Delicious Vegetarian Meals
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Intention Setting
  • Simple tent living on old rice terraces
  • Occasional Yoga, Morning Meditation, and Chanting
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu
  • Airport Pickup and Transportation to Takure


Since the very beginning, the organization’s work has been dependent on its network of compassionate volunteers from all over the world. They have built bamboo structures, retaining walls, produced and moved thousands of bricks, dug hundreds of holes for trees, made papier mache masks at the schools, and rammed earth into some of the strongest structures around. The daily work is as diverse as the community you’ll live in.

The volunteer community varies from 20-50 people at any given time. Just as you serve Nepal, you will serve each other. Volunteers take turns cooking meals, doing dishes, cleaning up the communal spaces, teaching workshops, and trading massages or chocolate.

Each month Conscious Impact hosts a 10-day volunteer program. Whether you are joining for two weeks or two months, you must arrive on one of these dates if you are interested in lending a hand.

For questions or other comments: email

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon teaching
Default_type_icon construction
Default_type_icon agriculture/farming
Default_type_icon eco building



Each month Conscious Impact hosts a 10-day volunteer program. Whether you are joining for two weeks or two months, you must arrive on one of these dates if you are interested in lending a hand.


Each volunteer should support the project with a $750 contribution which can either be donated directly or fundraised.

This project is funded almost entirely by the fundraising efforts of volunteers. The organization doesn’t have any large grants or a billionaire CEO – in fact, everyone is volunteers! Approximately 75% OF ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO OUR PROJECTS. The remaining 25% enable buy food, rent the land you’ll live on, and pay for other volunteer-related expenses.

The organization encourages everyone to reach out to their network and fundraise to support the project. It is easier than many might think! If you’re in a position where you feel unable to fundraise or donate but are still passionate about joining us in Nepal, please mention it on the volunteer form or when speaking with a member from our team.

Volunteer fees may cover (depending on length of stay) food, transportation, and lodging.


For more information about volunteering with Conscious Impact, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.