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Conscious Impact is an international, grassroots effort to bring resources to rural communities around the world. Their mission is to inspire, mobilize and train volunteers to serve others with compassion. They create cross-cultural collaborations and encourage selfless service. They partner with local organizations to ensure that our programs are truly helpful, relevant and driven by local leadership from within the community.

Conscious Impact was founded immediately after the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Weeks of delivering relief materials to rural communities, witnessing many approaches to disaster response, and hearing the stories of villagers showed them the work of rebuilding will require long-term efforts.

Their teams completed the Takure Training and CSEB Production Center in October with the goals of it becoming a space for local Nepalis to experiment and discover alternative building techniques, primarily those done using the earth. They understood that modern building materials would have to be transported into the remote villages in order for families to rebuild and would result in very costly and really unlikely methods of rebuilding. Their hired local staff runs the operation of the production center and brick press while volunteers supplement and help for production as well as moving materials. No building experience is at all necessary, they teach and train every volunteer. For years to come, Conscious Impact will continue to mobilize volunteers from around the world to collaborate with local NGO YUWA Unity Nepal (YUN). This project will provide building materials to families in Takure, and across the region. In addition to CSEBs, they work with cob and rammed earth building. They will building two rammed earth structures this Fall. They will actively work with local farmers to learn and engage in agricultural work especially experimentation with cash crops such as coffee and avocados.

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Opportunity types

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Short term volunteer (10 day duration, does not include traveling to/from Nepal):

  • cost: $750 (covers all food, transportation, lodging accommodations while in country)
  • other costs: flight, insurance, visa ($25)

Long term volunteer (4+ weeks):

  • cost: $150/week at a minimum of 4 weeks = $600 (covers all food, transportation, lodging accommodation while in country)
  • others costs: flight, insurance, visa ($40)

Drop-in volunteers:

  • Conscious Impact reserve spots for travelers and last minute signups each month.
  • Cost: $150/week but we work with each person or group with what their travel budget allows.


For more information about volunteering with Conscious Impact, visit them online:

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