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Constru Casa is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of Guatemalans living in poverty through the provision of basic housing. Volunteering at Constru Casa offers a unique cultural experience. Volunteers share intensive work time with the local masons, and have the opportunity to share the lives of an underprivileged Guatemalan family, all the while contributing to improve their lives through the building of a new house.

Constru Casa works in collaboration with local social partner organizations to identify families living in poverty. Recipient families participate in both the construction of their home and through a financial contribution of 35% of the cost of their house, paid interest free over four years.

Constru Casa houses are built by local construction workers and their assistants. At least one member of the beneficiary family will also help build. Construction volunteers and the family member work with and under the direction of the masons. For volunteers, the works consists of digging foundations, carrying materials (including concrete block, sand and rocks), mixing concrete, and generally helping the masons in their tasks.

The work sites vary considerably, depending on rural or community settings and the general context of the family. Usually, construction volunteers are placed in small towns near Antigua, but depending on the volunteers’ preferences and our current work sites, the organization can arrange for volunteers to work in even more rural areas.

Opportunity types

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Volunteering a minimum of two weeks will allow you to see the full construction of a house from start to finish.


Volunteers are responsible for food, housing, and transport costs, but the organization will help at every level of the process, if desired. Casa Constru can help you arrange a home stay with a Guatemalan family with food included; a simple hostel; or a hotel at different price ranges.

Also, Constru Casa asks individual volunteers to contribute a minimum of US$500 (this is 10% of the price of the house construction costs) to the project and this donation (which you can fundraise before leaving home) goes directly to construction costs.


For more information about volunteering with Constru Casa, visit them online:

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