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Destiny Foundation is combating sex trafficking and slavery through the economic empowerment of women. The Foundation has two divisions – Destiny, the charitable wing and Reflection, the social business wing – which work in tandem with each other to enable the women to overcome their disadvantaged situation and become self-sufficient so that they never feel the compulsion to return to the sex trade.

The organization’s mission is not simply to save girls from trafficking or sexual exploitation, but to make certain that they are not compelled to go back into the trade due to social and economic pressures. To achieve that end, Destiny Reflection recruits women from shelter homes and brothels, giving them training and employment opportunity. All employees have been subjected to trafficking or are at high risk of falling prey to the process. So they receive training and a career.

Volunteers can conduct classes for employees in specific crafts as well as embroidery and sewing lessons. Classes in English-speaking and communication skills are also be helpful. In addition, volunteers are needed to contribute by assisting in the many aspects of business and administration.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon administrative
Default_type_icon marketing
Default_type_icon arts/humanities
Default_type_icon jewelry/fashion design



Varies. Workshops could be single day, or you may stay for months to help in other areas.


No fee. Volunteers are responsible for their own lodging and food.


For more information about volunteering with Destiny Foundation, visit them online:

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