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CENIT is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to the eradication of child labor by helping working and vulnerable children, especially girls, and their families, to overcome extreme poverty and improve their quality of lives through recreation, medical, social, and psychological services, nutrition programs, education and vocational training. Today, CENIT has a primary school, a drop-in tutoring center, a vocational high school, a street outreach program, an adult education program and a health clinic.

CENIT works with local community and international volunteers to empower individuals to improve their quality of life and to serve as agents of change in our society. CENIT has full time, Ecuadorian staff, yet volunteers provide an incredible amount of support and continuity to the work being done by the organization. Volunteer opportunities are varied, and range from working in our street outreach program to teaching sports, medical work to helping with fundraising.

Opportunity types

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CENIT asks each volunteer for a one-time contribution of $100. In exchange, the volunteer will receive daily lunch, a CENIT T-shirt and the support of a full-time volunteer coordinator. The contribution of the volunteer also supports the administrative costs of the volunteer office and the sustainability of the programs.


For more information about volunteering with El Centro de la Niña Trabajadora (Center for the Working Girl), visit them online:

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