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El Hogar started in 1979 with five little boys. Five members of the Episcopal Church in Tegucigalpa felt moved to address the deplorable situation of the countless children abandoned to the streets. In the years since, nearly 1,000 students have graduated from El Hogar, which has grown to include four campuses: an elementary school, a Technical Institute, an Agricultural School, and a Girls’ Campuses.

El Hogar has a professional top quality dental clinic on the grounds of El Hogar, thanks to the generous work and support of Christ Church, St. Michaels in Maryland and Dr. Jim Campi. We are hosting several dental work teams per year to provide dental care for all of El Hogar.

If you are a dentist, dental hygienist, or expanded dental assistant, and have interest in forming or participating in a dental team, contact Dr. Jim Campi at 931-456-6749 or

Opportunity types

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Varies. Contact to discuss timing.


Skilled volunteers should contact the organization directly to talk about working within the El Hogar dental clinic.


For more information about volunteering with El Hogar Dental Clinic, visit them online:

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