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Friendly Drifter volunteer program was created by two concerned individuals who witnessed a need to address the plastic waste issue in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It’s a very remote place in the world however no region is immune to plastic waste. It’s a tour/operator program. Most visitors hire guides because of the complexities of logistics. The program dedicates a certain number of days to beach and village clean up. After the village is completely clean, their aim is to hire locals to control waste in the future with regular collections.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon fundraising
Default_type_icon marine conservation
Default_type_icon environmental sciences



Friendly Drifter charges a $300 over cost for a 10 day trip and $450 over cost for a 20 day trip. These funds pay for the program and supplies. They hope to build a own recycling facility in time. Raja Ampat is not an ideal place to stay for long periods of time. It’s very rustic, which has helped it become the most marine bio-diverse region on the planet!

Other ways you can help

In an effort to raise awareness about plastic waste in the oceans, Friendly Drifter founder will be running from the US/Mexican border to Vancouver, BC starting mid-April of 2016. Check out the website to learn about his current fundraising plans.


For more information about volunteering with Friendly Drifter, visit them online:

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