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Punto DF is a group of artists and travelers focused on creating artistic and ecological projects that center on social improvement.

The hostel host travelers from all over the world, aiming to provide services to the travelers and the community. Punto DF is seeking a new way of living and traveling and offers artistic residencies for travelers and artists focused on creating social impact and social change projects in the local community.

Punto DF was born because of the need of having a place to make social impact projects come true. It’s a place that generates synergy to create art projects focused on social and ecological improvement.

The project hosts artistic residencies for artists with projects that focus on this social impact space. Projects and ideas may vary widely, so it’s best to reach out with your idea for a better idea of the possibilities and opportunities.

Punto DF besides it’s own artistic and social projects gives from 2 to 4 artistic residencies per year. Managing the resources to make the project and giving a place to sleep and the daily meals during one month to each artist.

All of our projects and the projects from the residents must be focused on the social improvement.

The organization strongly believes that a revolution can be achieved by educating through art and laughter for our future generations, empowering the kids and the youth and making them being more critic with their own and their society.

Punto DG es un grupo de artistas y viajeros enfocados en crear proyectos artísticos y ecológicos centrados en la mejora social.

El hostal hospeda a viajeros de todo el mundo ofreciendo los mejores servicios. Punto DF esta buscando una manera distinta de vivir y de viajar.

Punto DF nació por la necesidad de realizar proyectos artísticos y ecológicos independientes enfocados a la mejora social. Un lugar que genera la sinergia necesaria entre las comunidades de la colonia Moctezuma en la Ciudad de México.

Además hospedamos viajeros de todo el mundo utilizando esos recursos monetarios para la creación de dichos proyectos.

Punto DF además de tener nuestros propios proyectos sociales damos de 2 a 4 residencias artísticas al año. Generando los recursos necesarios, dando hospedaje y alimentos a cada artista residente durante mínimo 1 mes.

Todos los proyectos tienen que estar enfocados a la mejora social.

Realmente creemos que una revolución puede ser alcanzada con la educación de nuestras futuras generaciones a través del arte y las risas, empoderando a nuestra niñez y juventud haciendolos más críticos sobre si mismos y la sociedad de la que forman parte.

Opportunity types

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A minimum of 14 days of service is required.


No fees. Lodging, breakfast and lunch is included.

Other ways you can help

This hostel is in direct connection with the non-profit organization Children’s Peace Camp

The organization creates artistic projects based on social, cultural and ecological issues and supports Indigenous Resistance.


For more information about volunteering with Hostel Punto DF, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.