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The Jaguar Rescue Center, located in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, is a non-profit organization that works on rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals and their release into the wild. The main work for volunteers at the Jaguar rescue Center is maintenance of the center and its animals, gardening, laundry, kitchen, feeding and enrichment for animals, special cares for some of them (such as anteaters, monkeys, sloths, and birds), and helping and collaborating with the daily tours.

Volunteers who choose to spend a portion of their time at the jungle site, La Ceiba, will work with animals being released, work on creating new paths, and observe new species.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon wildlife
Default_type_icon conservation
Default_type_icon animals (welfare & advocacy)



Volunteers who come for two months or longer have the option to volunteer at La Ceiba, which is 45 hectares of primary forest where the Jaguar Rescue Center releases the most endangered species.


Volunteers are required to pay a one-time fee at the start of their volunteering based on the length of stay. The fees are roughly:

Fee for a 2 weeks stay: 100$

Fee for a 3 weeks stay: 75$

Fee for a 4 weeks stay or longer: 50$

Volunteers are also required to have health insurance that covers them while they are in Costa Rica (a travel insurance is acceptable) and a TB test.

The center does not provide housing but can recommend housing options that are in the range of approximately $15/night. Volunteers who stay at the jungle site of La Ceiba will have housing provided for them.


For more information about volunteering with Jaguar Rescue Center, visit them online:

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