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Konojel is fighting the root causes of poverty and malnutrition by creating sustainable, dignified work for women, educational support for young people, and by directly feeding the most malnourished and at risk community members. Volunteers with the right skills are needed to help support the organization’s core programs in nutrition education, childhood enrichment, and business development.

Konojel’s programs are run by indigenous managers, with administrative assistance from others. The organization’s mission is to reduce chronic malnutrition and endemic poverty in San Marcos by providing programs through which at-risk individuals can raise their standard of living. The nonprofit runs three main programs where volunteers may be of service:

The Nutrition Program is Konojel’s longest running program. Ideas for projects include workshops for mother’s of families, donating an improved ingredient, or teaching a workshop to the kitchen staff at Comedor Konojel, the organization’s related social enterprise.

The Children’s Enrichment Program works with 40 at-risk children, five days a week. This program offers tutoring in specific subjects and a range of other education programs.

The Sabor del Sol women’s cooperative works with indigenous women to grow their microbusinesses. The organization also provides professional development opportunities for its employees and beneficiaries, striving to provide work opportunities for as many women in the community as possible. Volunteers with business experience can work with Konojel to design a possible volunteer opportunity that develops skills within Sabor del Sol cooperative.

Opportunity types

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Varies. Volunteers working with children should consider dedicating at least four weeks to their placement to ensure maximum benefit to the community where you’re working. Many short-term workshops for women in the community are possible.


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