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FruitFriends is a social enterprise located in Vang Vieng, Laos specializing in education and agriculture. All proceeds from their ventures directly fund community projects, such as school construction, organic farming, teaching English, and making home-made fruit products.
Their staff members are highly capable and quick learners.

Currently FruitFriends is seeking volunteers to help them with the following:

  • Business/Social Entrepreneurship:  General coordination in regards to sales of fruit products, but also assistance in training their staff members in sales, marketing, product and development
  • Teaching English: Teach English in schools located in villages nearby Vang Vieng
  • Farming: Establish, maintain, and improve our ecological garden
  • Construction: Working on current projects such as building the school in Keo Kuang

Volunteering with FruitFriends you live and eat with local staff. You work with their local team as well as with the local Lao people who are benefitting from their projects. FruitFriends strives to introduce its volunteers to the Lao culture, and integrate them in all local activities such as weddings and village festivals.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon teaching
Default_type_icon business
Default_type_icon construction
Default_type_icon agriculture/farming



FruitFriends suggests a stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, as this is the least time required to make a substantial contribution to any FruitFriends project. They do not believe in “volun-tourism”, and wish to emphasize that marginalized people are not a tourist attraction.


It does not cost any money to volunteer but the organization encourages volunteers to stay at the associated homestay because they want the volunteer to be part of team and create a whole experience.

If you choose a homestay total costs are about $16 USD a day as of 2018 ($115 USD a week). This is not only for your accommodation but also for all meals, a bicycle (which costs already 5 US to rent), a refrigerator to use, access to the kitchen for personal use, free washing machine, WIFI, Tea and coffee, and a cooking class with their cook.


For more information about volunteering with Let Laos Learn, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.