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Maya Universe Academy is the first community-run private school in Nepal. The school runs on a unique system of payment where instead of money, families “pay” for their children’s schooling by working two days a month at Maya’s farm. In a country where public schools provide abysmal educations and many cannot afford private schools, the organization allows children from poor families the opportunity to receive the quality education they deserve.

The school began in 2011 with a tent and 15 students. Since then it has expanded into two school campuses with over 450 students. The long term goal is to become fully self-sustaining through the work put in by families on the Maya farm, jewelry making, construction, agriculture, and other projects.

Currently Maya recruits volunteers from all over the world and provides employment for many local villagers. The schools are situated in rural hillside villages where volunteers can play with adorable school kids, learn about tradition Nepali culture, explore local hiking trails and view incredible landscapes.

There is a volunteer inquiry form at the website, which volunteers are asked to fill out.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon teaching
Default_type_icon construction
Default_type_icon agriculture/farming
Default_type_icon education



Volunteers can stay for any duration.


The organization charges 10$ daily to all. Volunteers staying over 3 months will not pay after 3 months.


For more information about volunteering with Maya Universe Academy , visit them online:

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