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Mi Casa en Ipauratu is a small foundation that tries to improve the lives of the people in the rural area where they are situated. They run different programs including: a small school for children with special needs (down, autism etc.), a preschool for children who canĀ“t afford a kindergarten, an afternoon program for local youth to learn English and leadership skills, and an entertainment program for elderly.

The foundation’s programs are flexible in the sense that the owners adapt what they do to the local needs. For example, if the local government is willing to take over the preschool, they hand it over and develop new programs. There are always things to improve is this poor, rural area. This makes it a very dynamic volunteer opportunity.

Volunteers can help by assisting the teachers in the different schools, teach English to the youth and develop and perform entertainment programs for elderly and youth. In addition, any manual labor at the terrain, like painting and gardening, is welcome. The foundation would like to start a program focused on education about drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy, a major problem in this area. Knowledge and experience in this field is very welcome!

Everyone who’s motivated, creative and willing to contribute is welcome at this foundation. It’s important that the volunteer speaks some Spanish or is willing to learn the language; Spanish language classes can be provided by the foundation at an additional cost. Most common volunteering so far has been: teaching, value driven entertainment, manual labor, family volunteering.

Please reach out to the organization directly to volunteer. The telephone signal can be limited at the foundation; the best way to get in contact is through an email to

Opportunity types

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Default_type_icon agriculture/farming
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There is no minimum stay, but the experience is that volunteers need at least a weeks to get to know the project. Therefore a stay of at least two weeks is recommended.


Volunteers pay for their accommodation expenses, which is around $20 per day (including food and drinks).

Other ways you can help

If volunteers want to buy or bring materials like didactic, sports or construction materials, these kind of donations are very welcome.


For more information about volunteering with Mi Casa en Ipauratu, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.