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Volunteers come to from all over the world to spend from six months to a year working alongside the Thai nannies in loving and caring for the children at Nikki’s Home.

People who have a heart for the children and who can commit to stay for six to twelve months are welcomed and encouraged to apply. There is an application process, and prospective volunteers must be at least 19 years of age at the time of applying and 20 at the time of service at Agape.

Agape Home nannies love and care for the Agape Home children 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Caring for the Agape Home children is truly a labor of love for the Thai nationals who work at the Agape Home, serving as nannies, teachers, cooks, nurses aides, laundry help and handy man. The Agape Home would not be the same without their hard work and devotion.

Thanks to their efforts, the children are well fed, kept clean and dry, have a pleasant home and environment, learn their language and customs, and have a safe place to return home to each day. Through them, the children also come to know a mother’s touch and love. Volunteers coming to Thailand for this opportunity should reach out directly to discuss your timing, skills, and if the organization needs an extra helping hand.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon childcare



Six months minimum.


None as this program only accepts long-term, committed volunteers.


For more information about volunteering with Nikki's Place/Agape Home, visit them online:

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