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Project Bona Fide is a non-profit organization and demonstrative permaculture farm working toward sustaining culture through organic agriculture, community correlated outreach, and re-forestation projects in Nicaragua. PBF utilizes permaculture design, agroforestry, research & education, and community collaboration to promote food security on Isla de Ometepe.

PBF was created out of a need to support rural Nicaraguan farming communities so that they may gain self-empowerment and economic stability. Their vision is to educate and expose people to the possibilities of multi-strata food production through demonstrative agriculture on their 26-acre model farm, Finca Bona Fide.

Bona Fide is based in the rural community of Balgue on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, a half day’s travel from the capital, Managua. Farm volunteers support a variety of projects like: natural building, tree propagation, gardening, irrigation, cooking, planting, and projects with the local community.

Those interested in an internship should read the specific information available for future interns.

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Volunteers are welcome to stay on the farm for any number of days, weeks, or months. Volunteers willing to commit to 3+ months on the farm should inquire about our Internship Program. Life on the farm is rustic, but they try to make it as comfortable as possible. Lodging options include open-air cabanas/shelters or a space to pitch your tent (dry season only). The open-air cabanas include wooden bunk beds, mattresses, a set of sheets, pillow and mosquito net. There are no lights in the dorm, so headlamps or a lantern are extremely useful. Our bedding and mosquito nets are in a constant state of wear and may be in use, so we encourage people to bring their own mosquito net and sheets if possible. The more notice you are able to provide of when you can come the better they are able to accommodate you!


Project Bona Fide asks international volunteers to pay a Program Fee that covers room & board (3 meals/day except Saturday dinners) and the operational costs of local staff.

2018 Volunteer Program Fees: Less than 1 week: $22/day; 1-2 weeks: $20/day, 2 weeks-1 month: $18/day, 1 month: $440/month.

Internship Program: Fees vary but they cover a 4-day orientation, room & board (3 meals/day), weekly spanish language lessons, skill building workshops & weekly activities, a midterm retreat, and a $300 Project Seed Fund for individual interns’ project.


For more information about volunteering with Project Bona Fide, visit them online:

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