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R.O.S.E. (Rural Organization for Social Elevation) works in community develop in a beautiful village at the base of the Himalayas. R.O.S.E. runs a public school for poorer families, has built five houses, a dozen composting toilets, and helps with improving life in the valley in large and small ways. Volunteers are needed to support these ongoing projects.

Volunteers are hosted in a homestay/guesthouse situation with the Verma family, where volunteers stay in their guest lodging and take meals with the family. Volunteers can spend time taking part in various voluntary activities such as; teaching at the school, helping with household or garden chores, taking part in a construction project if one is scheduled, doing computer work to help with outreach or possibly some other project of their own devising.

If you have specialized skills that you would like to offer the local community (healthcare, social work, etc), please reach out to discuss the possibilities.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon teaching
Default_type_icon construction
Default_type_icon agriculture/farming
Default_type_icon social work



There are no minimums, but the organization recommends a one-week minimum for most travelers, and most likely two weeks to have an effective volunteer stay.


10,000 rupees per week — discounts available if you stay for more than two months.


For more information about volunteering with Rural Organization for Social Elevation, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.