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Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) is a non-profit NGO established in 2008 and registered in 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya. The mandate of Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) is to enable vulnerable and poor children access to quality education, provide educational materials, provide educational facilities, offer feeding programs, advocate for the enrollment of all children as a right to education and provide a better environment for the less fortunate.

The most disadvantaged families are single mothers, widows, and casual workers with precarious employment. Single mothers and other families that lack the capacity to provide finances to educate and cater for their children end up being vulnerable to prostitution, drug addiction and theft.

Volunteers will be teaching at the school which is located in Mowlem, one of the poorest areas in Nairobi. They will be helping with feeding the children and teaching the women about small business opportunities. Of particular note is that families with children are very welcome – there are opportunities for children and teens to volunteer and be involved.

Opportunity types

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This organization requires two week commitments. GV strongly recommends volunteers working with children on this project commit to a minimum of one month. Longer stays better support the development and welfare of young children.


The organization asks for £150 per month and this covers accommodation and three meals per day.

Other ways you can help

-Reach a child as a volunteer, intern, researcher or a tourist with your skills.
-Choose SAWF as your destination as a volunteer, intern, researcher or traveler.
-Spread the word about what SAWF or join events like the Cycle for SAWF fundraising event in 2018.


For more information about volunteering with Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.