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Terra Sylvestris is a not for profit non-governmental organization registered and based in Greece and composed of a dedicated group of people driven by the desire to protect the environment through environmental conservation projects and scientific research targeted towards sustainable development.

Terra Sylvestris’ philosophy is focused around re-wilding. They have a field volunteer program for people interested in working with them in the field in Kalamos, Kastos and the surrounding area on site. Potential volunteers submit a short 1-page proposal along with a short CV.

There are two ways one can participate in their work. The first is by participating in one of a prearranged activity for the field season. The second is to organize an activity in one of their thematic areas of work. Their Our thematic areas are as follows:

  • Sustainable agriculture and agroforestry
  • Forest ecosystem Protection and Restoration
  • Restoration of agricultural diversity
  • Restoration of marine ecosystems
  • Sustainable fisheries management
  • Anthropogenic affect on marine and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Anthropogenic pollution measurement and reduction
  • Wildlife monitoring and management
  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • Land use rights
  • Marine tenure
  • The economics of sustainable development
  • Rights of use of natural resources
  • Biocontrol of introduced species
  • Social justice and related issues in natural resource management and sustainable development
  • Applied animal and plant biological conservation
  • Modeling of biological populations
  • Marine ecology
  • Plant ecology

Their current prearranged activities are:

  • Building the Kalamos Island Eco-community and experimental organic fruit and vegetable farm
  • Feral cat monitoring program for Kalamos, Kastos and their satellite islands
  • Marine ecosystems monitoring program

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon marine conservation
Default_type_icon single day/weekend
Default_type_icon animals (welfare & advocacy)
Default_type_icon wildlife
Default_type_icon environmental sciences
Default_type_icon agriculture/farming
Default_type_icon eco building
Default_type_icon research



  • Less than 1 month: 20 euros per day
  • 1 month: 600 euros per month
  • More than 1 month: 500 euros


  • All necessary training and orientation
  • Related transport in the general area of the project(Kalamos, Kastos and the satelite islands)
  • Accommodation and other related facilities for work including a basic housekeeping facility once a week are included

Τhere is no meal plan. Kalamos is in an area where food can be purchased easily from local shops and super markets. If you plan to come as a group (more than three people) then arrangements can potentially be made for a meal plan at an additional cost. Contact us to discuss further if you are interested in this option.

Other ways you can help

Terra Sylvestris accepts donations. Their supporters get a free newsletter. They reserve the right to deny donations on ethical and/or legal grounds. At present the annual supporter rate is a minimum of 30 Euros. Supporters get a 10% discount on all paying events such as seminars.


For more information about volunteering with Terra Sylvestris, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.