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The Anidaso Nsae Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at providing education and health care to developing communities in Ghana. The foundation is currently sponsoring 20 students at our partner school, Wisdom Academy and looking to expand our partnership. We are also working in connection with local health facilities to provide education on HIV and AIDS awareness, as well as information about sexual health, nutrition, and sanitation.

Volunteers are welcome to participate in the organization in a number of ways: There are opportunities to teach at our partner schools and health professionals are invited to participate in health education classes or may volunteer at one of our partner hospitals. There is a need for volunteers who have computer skills such as social media marketing, SEO, web designing, and videography.

*There are three main areas for volunteers: *

  • Volunteers are invited to teach various classes at one of our partnership schools such as math, English, physical education, computer science, or any subject of their choice. You do not need to be an experienced teacher to teach, the school will provide the curriculum if you want and you will have the chance to observe before teaching your own class.
  • Health professionals are welcome to teach community classes on HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, maternal wellness, or any other topic of interest. There are also opportunities to volunteer in one of our partner health facilities such as a local hospital or clinic.
  • Computer and social media experts will have the opportunity to develop our social media presence and help us create a monthly newsletter. Web designing and blog posting is also needed!

The organization is flexible and open to accepting a wide array of skill sets and can accommodate your interests and passion.

Opportunity types

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While there is no minimum or maximum required stay, most volunteers will have the best experience when staying for at least 30 days, giving time to adjust to the food and culture. Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of three hours a day, which hours can be flexible. The weekends are free to visit the city or go to the beach. The organization offer cultural excursions and the opportunity to travel to other regions of Ghana if the volunteers so wish.


There are no special requirements for volunteers, just a willingness to be adaptable and keep an open mind! The volunteer fee includes a single fee for the first week, and then a discounted weekly fee after that. The fee includes housing with either a host family or in a volunteer apartment with other volunteers. Two meals a day are provided in addition to transportation to and from the international airport in Accra.


For more information about volunteering with The Anidaso Nsae Foundation, visit them online:

Please use the links above to directly contact this organization with questions. If you've visited and have something to share with the GV community, please comment below.