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The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) was created to provide appropriate housing and care for animals placed under the organization’s protection at any of the four different wildlife sanctuaries located throughout Thailand.

Since 1992, WARF has expanded its operations and developed closer ties with the Royal Forestry Department and other government and non-governmental agencies and WARF has become one of Thailand’s leading advocates for nature conservation.

Volunteers help with various tasks, including animal care and maintenance, educating tourists and the local community about our conservation efforts, and various administrative tasks when necessary. It is a great opportunity to become directly involved in the conservation of Thailand ’s wildlife, and to gain knowledge regarding endangered species protection and wildlife care.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon wildlife
Default_type_icon conservation
Default_type_icon animals (welfare & advocacy)



Three weeks minimum is preferred, and volunteers staying eight weeks or longer are given a discounted fee. Additionally, some of the specific projects require at least six weeks to qualify for placement.


Large upfront payments to guarantee that volunteers stay for the agreed time-frame and a decent percent of that is returned to you once you complete placement. These fees vary by program and type of support you are offering.


For more information about volunteering with The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF), visit them online:

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