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    Above $400

    Elephant Valley Project

    Sen Monorom, Cambodia

    The elephants of Cambodia need help. There is little education on the care of domesticated elephants and few possibilities of veterinary assistance when required. The Elephant Valley Project is as much about people as it is about elephants. Without secure employment for an elephant’s mahout (caretaker), an elephant is essentially at risk.

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    Escuela Katitawa

    Salasaka, Ecuador

    Katitawa is an independent primary school founded in 1977 and located in the indigenous Andean village of Salasaka, Ecuador. The school is designed to create a place where the children learn the basic subjects taught in any elementary school, while also creating an education model that promotes the children’s cultural identity.

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    Above $400

    Friendly Drifter

    Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

    Friendly Drifter volunteer program was created by two concerned individuals who witnessed a need to address the plastic waste issue in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It’s a very remote place in the world however no region is immune to plastic waste. It’s a tour/operator program. Most visitors hire guides because of the complexities of logistics. The program dedicates a certain number of days to beach and village clean up. After the village is completely clean, their aim is to hire locals to control waste in the future with regular collections.

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    Under $400

    Habla Ya

    Boquete & Bocas del Toro, Panama

    Habla Ya is a Spanish Language School with extensive volunteer programs and support for Boquete and Bocas del Toro. The organization has connections within everything from literacy to wildlife and conservation.

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    Heaven Hill Homestay

    Besisahar, Nepal

    This rural Nepali homestay acts as both a guesthouse for travelers and trekkers, and the accommodation for volunteers living in the village and assisting with various projects. It’s the passion project of Shamser Thapa, who hopes to continue expanding the villages capacity to host foreigners, thus increasing economic opportunity in this tiny Nepali village.

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    Hope Link Child

    Kisumu, Kenya

    Hope Link is a non-profit with aim to provide support for vulnerable communities near Rusinga Island, outside of Kisumu. Volunteers are invited to support capacity building efforts in the region, as well as health and wellness training.

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    Under $200

    Jaguar Rescue Center

    Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

    The Jaguar Rescue Center, located in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, is a non-profit organization that works on rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals and their release into the wild. The main work for volunteers at the Jaguar rescue Center is maintenance of the center and its animals, gardening, laundry, kitchen, feeding and enrichment for animals, special cares for some of them (such as anteaters, monkeys, sloths, and birds), and helping and collaborating with the daily tours.

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    Katunggan It Ibajay

    Panay Island, Philippines

    The Ibajay Mangrove Forest (Katunggan It Ibajay) is a park run by two local communities. The park straddles these two communities, which is why both communities are involved. The park is home to 28 of the 35 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and is home to the largest specimen of Avecinnia rumphiana in Asia. The mission of the park is to maintain these incredible natural resources through sustainable ecotourism.

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    Let Laos Learn

    Vang Vieng, Laos

    FruitFriends is a social enterprise located in Vang Vieng, Laos specializing in education and agriculture. All proceeds from their ventures directly fund community projects, such as school construction, organic farming, teaching English, and making home-made fruit products.
    Their staff members are highly capable and quick learners.

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    Long Way Home

    Outside Antigua, Guatemala

    Long Way Home is working to build self-sustainable schools that focus on promoting education, employment, and the environment. They are currently building a school in rural Guatemala that is functioning as a primary school; and as they continue building they need construction and education volunteers.