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    Jaguar Rescue Center

    Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

    The Jaguar Rescue Center, located in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, is a non-profit organization that works on rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals and their release into the wild. The main work for volunteers at the Jaguar rescue Center is maintenance of the center and its animals, gardening, laundry, kitchen, feeding and enrichment for animals, special cares for some of them (such as anteaters, monkeys, sloths, and birds), and helping and collaborating with the daily tours.

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    Joe Homan Charity

    Tamil Nadu, India

    With more than 50 years of history working in Tamil Nadu, the Charity has deep connections within the community and uses volunteers to help run residential centers. The organization’s mission is to provide each child with a safe and secure environment, the opportunity of an education, and skills training for a future free from poverty.

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    Karenni Social Development Center

    Mae Hong Son, Thailand

    Karenni Social Development Center aims to educate post-10 Karenni students in human rights, social change, environment, law, gender issues, and English. This small community based organization helps people from Karenni State, Burma and its goal is to protect the environment and promote human rights.

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    Katunggan It Ibajay

    Panay Island, Philippines

    The Ibajay Mangrove Forest (Katunggan It Ibajay) is a park run by two local communities. The park straddles these two communities, which is why both communities are involved. The park is home to 28 of the 35 species of mangroves found in the Philippines and is home to the largest specimen of Avecinnia rumphiana in Asia. The mission of the park is to maintain these incredible natural resources through sustainable ecotourism.

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    Kitale School Uganda

    Kitale, Uganda

    A community-initiated school in a rural village 100km outside of Kampala, this school was founded in 2005 with the help of locals to provide a future for the children. Long-term volunteers are welcomed to teach English, alongside other skills, at the school.

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    KZVTC is a school for adult migrant workers and other young adults with a focus on quality teaching of language and computer skills. Several levels of English, Thai, Burmese and computer skills are offered. Students are offered job skills training with other partners to prepare our students for the workplace. KZVTC provides a safe and creative environment for the sharing of ideas and knowledge to empower the Burmese community, regardless of an individual’s ethnicity, religion, race or gender. Volunteers are required to teach English, help edit and write reports, and help with fundraising activities.

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    Kolkata Sanved

    Kolkata, India

    Kolkata Sanved uses Dance Movement Therapy for psychosocial rehabilitation and social transformation — the organization uses dance to empower and rehabilitate survivors of trafficking and violence. Volunteers are able to help run the organization, plan workshops, and participate in programs for women in these communities.

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    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Konojel is fighting the root causes of poverty and malnutrition by creating sustainable, dignified work for women, educational support for young people, and by directly feeding the most malnourished and at risk community members. Volunteers with the right skills are needed to help support the organization’s core programs in nutrition education, childhood enrichment, and business development.

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    Under $200

    La Esperanza Granada

    Granada, Nicaragua

    La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer group focused on children’s education. The organization reaches more than 2,000 children in poverty-stricken areas, and focuses on trying to help in non-invasive ways by working directly with local schools, teachers, and parents to meet educational needs. Programs run in the school system and involve assisting teachers, tutoring small children, running sports programs, teaching English, and stimulating an interest in learning.

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    Jaipur, India

    Ladli is an organization in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India that provides training to street girls, orphans, and disadvantaged youth in the area. The organization provides safe spaces, classes, and workshops for the girls to learn and create. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to support the organization’s range of programs.