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    Under $200

    ABOUTAsia Schools

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    UPDATE: As of early 2020 the organization reported it’s not currently running its volunteer program. ABOUTAsia Schools supplies volunteer teachers and classroom assistants to schools around Siem Reap. The aim of their program is not simply to replace local teachers with “free”, untrained volunteers who know nothing of the Cambodian culture or how to be an effective teacher within it, but to help their volunteers learn about the culture and profession first.

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    Bahia, Brazil

    AEC-TEA is a completely volunteer and community based association located in Capim Grosso, Bahia, Brazil. The organization works with the community to create local educational projects and spaces for community creativity.

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    Above $400

    Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) develops responsible tourism partnerships with poorer rural communities to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods, empower rural women and youth with skills training, connect them to global market opportunities, enable them to earn an income to transform their communities, and reduce the need for outward migration.

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    Oaxaca City, Mexico

    AgroSanO uses the idea of community supported agriculture — alongside education and cultivation — to work towards an ideal of food sovereignty through biointensive organic agriculture. The farm is located in San Sebastian Etla, which is located outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico.

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    Under $200

    Akili Preparatory School is located in the Obunga Slums in Kisumu City, Kenya. The school provides a quality education to vulnerable and underprivileged girls from the local community. The school helps single mothers provide schooling for their daughters, and also supports vocational training and skills training in the community. The founders hope to use Akili Preparatory School as a model for the provision of sustainable high quality education for girls which can be rolled-out to other schools to help improve student performance and achieve gender equality and empower women in Kenya.

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    Aldea Yanapay

    Cusco, Peru

    A social project located in Cusco, Peru, dedicated to providing alternative education to children, adolescents and adults. Aldea Yanapay intends to better the lives of the Peruvian people by giving them alternative ways of living and loving.

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    Alice Project

    Central India

    The first Alice Project school launched in 1994 and since then the schools have grown throughout central India, educating some of the poorest communities in the country. There are several Alice schools and as funds are raised more schools are built to serve poor communities and to give street kids an education.

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    All Bengal Women's Union

    Kolkata, India

    All Bengal Women’s Union is an independent organization for Suppression of Immoral Traffic. The union provides free legal aid to the deserving and needy. The organization runs a school, children’s welfare home, rehabilitation center, nursing home for the elderly, vocational training, and bakery; as well as services for research, counseling, and more.

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    All Hands Volunteers

    Dominica, Mexico, Nepal & More

    All Hands Volunteers is a non-profit organization based in the United States. The organization grants assistance to victims and survivors of natural calamities all over the world through its volunteers. Volunteers are provided with tools, meals, housing and organized work free of charge to enable them to effectively respond to the needs of the communities. Project locations change as needs arise, so check for current project locations.

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    The All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) is an autonomous feminist group that is dedicated to helping women in Malaysia improve their lives. AWAM is a staunch advocate for the improvement of policies and legislation governing gender-related issues which includes sexual harassment, domestic violence, women’s rights and rape.