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    Big Brother Mouse

    Laos, Asia and From Home

    Big Brother Mouse is proudly Lao-owned. The group is based in Laos, with a Laos staff whose goal is to bring books to Laotian children. In Laos, access to this type of learning material is very difficult, and the group has seen the need to bring the books to them.

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    Above $400

    Blue Ventures

    Belize & Madagascar

    Blue Ventures offer marine conservation expeditions in Belize and Madagascar to monitor the organisation’s impact on marine conservation in the mentioned areas. Volunteers contribute through data collection during research dives and the profit made goes to their marine conservation organisation. They operate as social enterprise, which consists of a non-profit conservation organisation and a for-profit business, which fuels the conservation organisation.

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    Bukit Lawang Trust

    Sumatra, Indonesia

    The Bukit Lawang Trust Centre is a dedicated Education Centre offering free English lessons for young people and adults, a free mother and toddler learning group at the kindergarten, and a library. It runs extra lessons in maths, science and arts and crafts and has a strong emphasis on conservation education.

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    Cambodian Living Arts

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    The mission of Cambodian Living Arts is to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts. They work in collaboration with others to create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities. They encourage the growth of artists and the arts community by promoting awareness of the arts, and by advocating for the arts with cultural policy-makers and major institutions.

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    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Started in 2011, Cambolac produces and sells high quality souvenirs, creating jobs for local community in the context of booming tourism in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Cambolac provides employment to a range of vulnerable populations near Angkor’s Park, including hearing impaired young adults.

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    Under $200

    Caux Interns Program

    Caux, Switzerland

    The Caux Interns Programme is an opportunity for people aged 18-30. Caux works to promote peace, prevent conflicts, build trust and encourage intercultural dialogue and ethical conduct in business and has various conferences throughout each summer. Interns will both assist with the coordination of the conferences and undergo a training programme.

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    Under $200

    Centro Ecológico Akumal

    Akumal, Mexico, Central America

    Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA) was founded in 1993, to “monitor the impact of development on the regional ecosystems and culture, to report findings and their significance to the public through education, and influence public policy.”

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    Chennai Volunteers

    Chennai, India

    Chennai Volunteers is a social initiative that aims to foster civic engagement and ensure that non-profits can engage with volunteers in a sustainable and meaningful way.

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    Cloudbridge Nature Reserve and Reforestation Project

    San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica

    Cloudbridge is a private nature reserve in Costa Rica adjoining the primary forest of Chirripo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Volunteers are needed in various areas from conservation work to biomonitoring to construction.

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    Common Hope

    Antigua, Guatemala

    Common Hope believes education is the key to unwinding the cycle of poverty. The organization provides resources for thousands of impoverished children to attend school each year. The organization also partners with local schools to support and enhance the education they provide by way of interactive, engaging curriculum, and individualized support for at-risk students.